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Worlds Largest Diamond 101.73 carat weight

Worlds Largest Diamond 101.73 carat weight

Called "the 101" because of its 101.73 carat weight, this colorless pear shaped diamond sold at Christie's for $26.7 million in 2013. Aside from its massive carat weight, this diamond demands a hefty price tag because of its Flawless clarity grade and D color grade.

The 101

PriceUS$26.7 Million

Carat Weight101.73 Carats


Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds now owns this diamond and is currently listing it at 27 million. We currently have a offer from the royal family of Saudi Arabia, who has a net worth of over 1 trillion.

  • This Diamond Is Currently Reserved

    We Have Offers From The President’s & Royal Families Of: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, & Kuwait.

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