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Our CEO Has Sold To Trillionaire Royals Of Saudi Arabia And Dubai

لقد باع رئيسنا التنفيذي إلى أفراد العائلة المالكة في المملكة العربية السعودية ودبي

Sara Shakoor Mian سارة شكور ميان

CEO President Ambassador Executive Chairman of Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds International.

Founder & Owner

My Net Worth Is Over A BILLION.

 I'm so materialistic so well connected,

Just ask about me so well respected.

I Studied at Harvard Business School.

For the baddest by the baddest Boss. Sophisticated High End

Trillion Dollar Seduction.

Invest Smartly

I Sold And Made Billions In Diamonds My First Year & A Trillion My 2nd Year. As the CEO of Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds, I Invested In Purchasing High Quality Diamonds And Making My Own Flawless GIA Diamonds. I Bought Many Diamond Mines In Africa. I Built Close Relationships With Royalty, Presidents, Billionaires, Chanel Executives, And All Reputable Billionaire High End Executives. This Has Lead Me To Be A Successful Diamond Dealer. 


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