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I Sold Millions In Diamonds To Chanel. As the CEO of Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds, I Invested In Purchasing High Quality Diamonds. I Built Close Relationships With Chanel Executives, GQ & Vogue Executives. This Has Lead Me To Be A Successful Diamond Dealer. Selling To Chanel And Many Other High Profile Executives.

Invest Smartly

                   CEO President Owner of Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds

Sara Mian

"A woman is closest to being naked when she is well-dressed." Coco Chanel. 

There isn't a diamond I can't get! Contact my team for appearances or anything.

Be forever irresistible, trillion dollar seduction! Every item is posted by me.

For the baddest by the baddest Boss! I'm so materialistic, so well-connected
Just ask about me, so well-respected.
Contact me,

I also own Trillionaire Celebrity Cars                         And Trillionaire Celebrity Weed

Sara Main CEO
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