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The World's Most Expensive Diamond Jewelry

The World's Most Expensive Diamond Jewelry

Our CEO Sara Mian Bought This Diamond For 250 Million.

The Hope Diamond is not only the most expensive diamond jewelry in the world but also one of the most famous jewels all over the globe. This elegant and rare blue diamond costs around $250 million.It weighs about 45.52 carats, which is very exceptional.

The Hope Diamond dated back four centuries ago in India and it was handed down to many well-known people. It was even stolen in 1791 and was recut. It was named “Hope” as it appeared in a gem collection catalog owned by a London banking family in 1839. After that, it went through many owners. Our CEO bought this diamond from Harry Winston, a New York gem merchant.

National Museum of Natural History in Washington Pays Trillionaire Celebrity Diamonds To Keep It In Display.

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