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Harry Winston 125.19 Carats Certified Diamond Necklace

Harry Winston 125.19 Carats Certified Diamond Necklace

Colombian Emerald Necklace By Harry Winston, 125.19 Carats

Created by Harry Winston, this necklace reflects a legacy of exclusivity and excellence

The necklace showcases a 125.19-carat Colombian Emerald of the rare "Old Mine" hue

The stone represents the pinnacle of natural beauty and rarity and is certified by the Gübelin lab

It is set alongside 39.17 carats of white diamonds in 18K gold and platinum

This exceptional Harry Winston necklace, featuring a prominent Colombian Emerald weighing 125.19 carats, represents the zenith of luxury and artisanal excellence. The emerald, prized for its coveted "Old Mine" hue, is accentuated by 39.17 carats of luminous white diamonds, all meticulously set in 18K gold and platinum. This piece is a testament to the harmonious balance of form, color and light, an effect for which the famed jewelry firm is revered.

Harry Winston, synonymous with supreme luxury, quality and craftsmanship, has earned the title of "Jeweler to the Stars," by adorning celebrities with his exquisite creations for decades. His commitment to using only the most exceptional gemstones is exemplified in this necklace, which features a rare Colombian emerald that meets his exacting standards of magnificence.

Colombian emeralds are renowned for their unparalleled purity and vivid green color, originating from the Andean mines. The featured emerald is distinguished not only by its monumental size but also by its minimal oil enhancement, as certified by the Gübelin lab. Its clarity, unique faceted cushion shape and distinctive jardin underscore its illustrious provenance. Amidst the immense rarity of Colombian emeralds over five carats, this 125.19-carat gemstone is a remarkable natural marvel, echoing the gemstone's historical association with nobility. Crafted and initially sold between 1975 and 1980, this Harry Winston necklace was re-offered at $11 million in 2012.

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