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105 Diamonds 18K White Gold Hermes Birkin Immortal Eternal Glow Authentic New

105 Diamonds 18K White Gold Hermes Birkin Immortal Eternal Glow Authentic New

A beautiful harmony of brilliance woven by "Hermes Birkin × Diamond".

Since its founding in 1837, Hermes artisans, with their elaborate and artistic skills, have always made precise manufacturing the most important thing and always tried to maximize the appeal of their products.

Their tireless efforts to constantly impose strict demands on themselves have produced works that are sometimes poetic and sometimes surprising.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Diamond Birkin, whose artistry has been accentuated by the best combination of materials, crocodile porosus and white gold, is the result of the prodigious efforts of Hermes designers and craftsmen.

Birkin Diamond was born with an overwhelming presence.The glittering glow of this special handbag will captivate everything you see.

The creativity, free spirit, skills and sensibility of Hermes may be said to have been sublimated into an unparalleled masterpiece by touching the depths of the hidden story.

The iconic Cadena is a symbol of Hermes, which has been brilliantly sublimated with diamonds by hands of exceptional craftsmen. The Cadena is set with a total of 40 diamonds of 1.40 ct.

In addition, unlike the conventional Birkin, the plates and cadena are made of approximately 105g of 18K white gold.

Diamonds and white gold comes with a warranty from Hermes.

The orange box similar to a jewelry case, can be said to be the proof of the master piece that further accentuates the special feeling.

  • A total of 105 diamonds

    A total of 145 / 5.52ct diamonds adorns the Birkin.

    The combination of the finest materials, crocodile porosus with Hermes black expresses the exquisite elegance. A total of 105 diamonds of 4.12ct are placed upon the body of the bag.

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