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Hermès Birkin 30 Gris Cendre Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile 18K White Gold Diamond

Hermès Birkin 30 Gris Cendre Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile 18K White Gold Diamond

The Himalayan Birkin, named for its evocation of the famous snow-capped mountain range that crowns the world, itself crowns the range of Birkin bags in Hermes' oeuvre. Within this crown, there are a few jewels even more precious than the rest. The Gris Cendre Himalayans are particularly special examples that are produced on a level of magnitude less than the already extremely rare White Himalayans - Especially rarer with 18k white gold and diamond hardware. These bags ombre from light to dark gray and typically have much more even and smooth coloring than their more heavily contrasted counterparts. What really makes the Gris Cendre Hima special is the Fauve Chevre leather interior, which adds a touch of earthy warmth to the ash-inspired bag, otherwise chilly with the cool Palladium hardware. This example, a 30cm Birkin from 2010 is in exceptional condition, and though it is far more rare and special than a White Hima, it is also far more subtle and usable, a truly rare combination. Do not miss this opportunity for purchase outside of auction without Buyer Premium.

An Investment Bag opportunity - The ultimate combination of luxury, exclusivity, rarity and style.

Color: Gris Cendre Himalaya
Material: Niloticus Crocodile
Hardware: 18K White Gold & Diamond
Condition: Excellent
Collection: 2010, N Square
30cm: 12" W x 6.25" D x 9" H



The term "hardware" refers to the metallic parts of the bag, such as the buckle hardware, base studs, lock and keys and/or strap, which are plated with a colored finish (e.g. gold, silver, palladium). The terms refer to the tone or color of the hardware and not the actual material used. If hardware is composed of precious solid metals this will be referenced in the description.



Store Fresh
No indication of wear, all plastic on hardware, never worn, essentially as new.

Little to no indication of handling, usually with all plastic on hardware and most likely never worn.

Very minor evidence of handling.

Very Good
Evidence of wear and handling, with no major flaws.

Moderate wear and is fully functional.

Moderate wear and has condition issues that may or may not be repairable.

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